Since 2014, the Janus V3 has set the industry standard for what fleet operators and drivers should expect from an in-vehicle surveillance solution. With the option to attach a third lens, the Janus V3 offers a wider perspective of road and vehicle at all times. The V3 also offers LIVE TRACKING for those that want to know where their drivers are at any time.The LIVE TRACKING feature can be activated anytime after the purchase of the camera system with a monthly subscription. You will not find a more economical LIVE TRACKING system than the Janus V3. The Janus V3 can be found fleets in all types of industries.

JANUS V3 Viewer Software

The Janus V3 viewer software is complementary with your purchase and allows its users to have access to footage from 3 different perspectives at all times, with the installation of the optional 3rd lens. While other companies require you to request for footage which can take a few days, the Janus V3 system offer the convenience of data retrieval when you need it at any time. Footage can we examined, played back, save and sent with only a few clicks making it seemingly easy and efficient for our users. With the option to add LIVE TRACKING to their system, users can be notified in real time when an event occurs. Footage and data is stored and can be accessed for a month back. (Note: a different software is required for LIVE TRACKING.)




User Manual


Protected: Janus V3 User Manual

Viewer Software Download


Protected: Janus V3 Viewer Software

Release Date: 10/23/2017

Firmware Download


Protected: Janus V3 Firmware

Please contact technical support at 650-871-8696 before you download firmware.
1) ExFat file: 10/23/17
2) Fat 32 file: 4/26/17

hd-copyHigh Definition


google-maps-copyGoogle Maps


128-g-memoy-storage-copy128GB SD Card Storage

security-lock-feature-copySecurity Lock Feature


internal-external-storage-copyInternal/External Memory Storage


google-maps-liveLive Tracking

sd-card-overwrite-copySD Card Auto Overwrite


wdr-wide-dynamic-view-copyWide Dynamic View


adjustable-camera-lens-copyAdjustable Interior and Exterior Camera Lens

3rd-lenseOptional Third Lense


easy-installation-copyEasy Installation


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