Karen Locklear
   General Manager
   Yellow Cab of Pensacola

Due to the increasing violence in our city, we made the decision to equip our entire taxi fleet of 110 vehicles with the Janus Cams. A few days after installing the cameras, a female driver was robbed and locked in her trunk at gunpoint. Thanks to the Janus Cam we were able to provide the police with great video of the suspects and they were subsequently arrested. The cameras in our cabs provide an extra level of security for our drivers and passengers.

See full testimonials from Richard Hybels
(Metro Cab) and other SF Cab Companies.

Richard Hybels
Metro Cab

I have been in taxicab management for 25 years and accidents are a real profit killer as everybody knows.

In San Francisco it is very, very rare that anybody admits fault in an accident. Typically a collision occurs at an intersection and the other parties insurance company says "My guy says your guy caused the accident so you can sue him if you want. We are not paying you." That usually ends up in me fixing my own cabs and my insurance company works out what they work out. Going to Small Claims Court is rarely advised because each driver tells a different story but neither can prove his case.

Now that I have Janus Cam's cameras in the cabs there is no arguing about fault and the cameras easily paid for themselves within a very short time. I have saved tons of money from my insurance company and saved as much as my entire annual premium in the first five accidents due to injuries they will not pay for.

I have to say that having these cameras are the best improvement in twenty five years.

Dave Herring
Operations Manager
Acme Taxi -- Columbus, Ohio

Since installing Janus Cam's cameras in our fleet of 36 taxis, we have managed to reduce our claims and accidents by 35%. By eliminating false accusations from other parties involved in accidents. By making the driver more aware that someone can review his or her driving makes them better and more cautious also. We have been able to get the insurance companies to give us a discounted rate on our policies of 5%. Reviewing new drivers has been made possible and this has also helped us to curb destructive driving behavior such as curbing tires sudden stops and quick acceleration. We would recommend this fantastic product to anyone with a fleet of vehicles the savings out weighs all the costs. The insurance companies and clients are also enthusiastic about this product.

Testimonial Letter:

March 22, 2013

City Service Taxi Association, Inc.
2601 W. Peterson Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60659

City Service Taxi Association is a Chicago based affiliation comprised of nearly 400 independent taxi medallion owners. Our company has been in business for nearly 50 years. Through our garage (Erickson Communications, LLC) we have been working with Peter Park and his Janus Cam staff for the past 2-years. During those years we have purchased over 2000 Janus V2 Video Cameras. Those 2000 cameras along with another 1000 plus are installed in Chicago taxicabs.

We have used other manufactures products; they did not have the features that Janus Cam's cameras provide. Janus Cam cameras are priced at considerable savings over their competitors.

The staff at Janus Cam has conducted themselves professionally by providing products and technical support in a timely manner. Janus Cam’s competitors did not provide the level of service that we demand.

City Service carriers a $25,000.00 deductible on our liability insurance. We are confident in carrying this deductible in part due to the Janus Cam's cameras; they allow us to view all accidents. By having this important tool we are able to adjust claims quickly and efficiently. The benefit of using Janus Cam's cameras and the screening of drivers in our fleet has reduced the cost of our insurance by some 30%.

We feel that Janus Cam is an industry leader and we will continue our relationship with them.


Cometas Dilanjian, President
City Service Taxi Association, Inc.

Testimonial Letter:

March 9, 2012

Peter Park
31 Airport Blvd. Suite G3
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Hello Peter,

I am bringing to your attention several issues that are important regarding Janus Cam and the Taxicab Industry in California.

First, we have seen that those Cab Companies that have extended the resources to install the camera and use it's technology have experienced a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of claims.

Second, claims in the past that were deemed the fault of the driver and the company have now, with the help of this camera, been able to turn the tide and show that often it is the adverse parties fault and not the taxicab.

Lastly, the drivers. Originally they were reluctant to accept the camera and were concerned about their privacy. Now they see, with proper implementation, the camera in many instances is actually saving their jobs.

As you know, insurance companies now offer a discount to those Cab Companies that install cameras in their vehicles. The evidence in the camera has become importantly relevant to the discovery of an accident.

I am confident that eventually the installation of cameras in Taxicabs will be mandated by most municipalities in California.

I look forward to a busy 2012 working with 3rd Eye, not only in San Francisco, but all of California.

Paul Batmale
Y. A. Tittle Insurance and Financial Services