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Searching for the right camera system for your fleet can be overwhelming. With the recent influx of inexperienced dash cam companies, customers face a difficult challenge in deciding which camera system best suit their needs. Constantly working with their engineers, city regulators, drivers and fleet operators from different transportation industries, Janus Cam™ has learned the exact needs of the different markets. Since 2009, Janus Cam™ has provided protection for hundreds of fleets with their camera system. Janus Cam™ products can be found in para-transit vehicles, shuttle buses, taxis, limousine, delivery/food and fire trucks. Janus Cam™ has made it their priority to be the industry leader by providing the most reliable, economical and reputable surveillance solution for fleets. From capturing bad driving behaviors, to exonerating companies from millions of dollars in lawsuits and settlements, Janus Cam™ has been a lifesaver and has allowed companies to stay in business. CLICK HERE and hear what their customers have to say.

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City Service Taxi Association, Inc.


City Service Taxi Association is a Chicago based affiliation comprised of nearly 400 independent taxi medallion owners. Our company has been in business for nearly 50 years. Through our garage (Erickson Communications, LLC) we have been working with Peter Park and his Janus Cam staff for the past 2-years. During those years we have purchased over 2000 Janus V2 Video Cameras. Those 2000 cameras along with another 1000 plus are installed in Chicago taxicabs. We have used other manufactures products; they did not have the features that Janus Cam’s cameras provide. Janus Cam cameras are priced at considerable savings over their competitors. The staff at Janus Cam has conducted themselves professionally by providing products and technical support in a timely manner. Janus Cam’s competitors did not provide the level of service that we demand. City Service carries a $25,000.00 deductible on our liability insurance. We are confident in carrying this deductible in part due to the Janus Cam’s cameras; they allow us to view all accidents. By having this important tool we are able to adjust claims quickly and efficiently. The benefit of using Janus Cam’s cameras and the screening of drivers in our fleet has reduced the cost of our insurance by some 30%. We feel that Janus Cam is an industry leader and we will continue our relationship with them.

We’ve tried out multiple camera systems in the market and simply put, the Janus V2HD has proven to be the best hands down.

Kevin Huang, Anza Parking

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