Savings on Insurance

The stigma that shadows fleet vehicle companies has put them under much scrutiny and risk. People assume these fleets to be in more of a hurry to reach their destination than the average driver to meet deadlines and to be on schedule. With these kinds of presumptions, fleets face unfair accusations putting the driver and company at risk. Bottom line, people are quick to point their finger at fleet vehicles.

With the implementation of the Janus Camera, questionable claims deemed the fault of the driver and company can now prove that often it is the adverse parties fault. Fleets that are installed with the Janus Camera have experienced a significant reduction in the severity and frequency of claims. The implementation of the Janus Camera does not only capture significant events, but also guards you against questionable claims, and protects your driver, finances and reputation. Although drivers may initially seem reluctant and concerned about their privacy, there have been many incidents where the Janus Camera saved their jobs and company hundreds of thousands of dollars. With insurance companies now offering a discount to those that install the Janus camera in their vehicles, fleet companies have the ability to maximize they’re protection.