Janus Cam is a powerful tool used by fleet operators in the prevention of accidents and criminal activity. By simply using the Janus Cam, fleet safety managers can study poor driving behavior patterns and make immediate corrections to prevent accidents that can be costly to every company.  It's the greatest tool being used to deter criminals from committing crimes against your drivers.  It has become standard equipment in fleet vehicles today because of all the benefits our Janus Cam can offer.

Safety is immeasurable as companies invest to keep their drivers safe and their vehicles from accidents that may occur from negligent drivers.  As stated by a major fleet manager, "We have now become dependent on the Janus camera, it's as we are addicted to the cameras."  The standard that are put in place into companies that have implemented the Janus camera has owners, managers and drivers heavily relying on the Janus camera to adhere better driving habits which in return prevents unwanted incidents and accidents.  By simply installing the Janus camera so much can be achieved and the ROI can be reached so quickly that fleet companies are achieving surplus on operating budgets.

Many of our Janus cameras have been implemented into taxi vehicles.  NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Hazard) has stated "the #1 most dangerous occupation in the US is being a taxi driver."  Every business today has implemented security cameras to deter and capture criminals. It's the same concept for taxi vehicles.  Taxi cabs are considered a "business entity".  It operates on its own and all business transactions are conducted within the vehicle.  As businesses today has protected themselves with security cameras, taxicabs have equipped their vehicles with the Janus camera to provide themselves with the same protection.