Single Lens Camera: Janus V1 HD

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  • Janus V1 HD
  • Janus V1 HD

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Janus V1 HD

The Janus V1 HD  is a single lens camera that points directly outside of the vehicle to capture exterior incidents.

The camera reacts instantly to various in-vehicle events, recording at the first evidence of speeding, impact, sudden stopping, starting and/or an emergency.

This camera offers many features that
ensure high quality video recordings.


If you would like to purchase the Janus V1 HD, please contact our Sales Department at or please call 650-871-8696.



  • -Various Events
       [ Impact, Over Speed, Sudden Stop, Sudden Start, Emergency ]

  • - Backup Mode
       [ JPEG, AVI, JDR, BMP, G-SENSOR ]

  • - Various Settings
       [ Resolution, Frame, Event, Audio, Speed Setting ]

  • - Google Maps

  • - G-Sensor Graph

  • - Two Resolutions Available:
       [ 720P: 1280 x 720 / VGA: 640 x 384 ]

  • - GPS Signal Bar




Camera 1M pixel CMOS / LUX0.9 Viewer Window [XP/Vista/7]
Lens 120° GPS 50 channels, L1 frequency Built-in
Video Compression H.264 Mic -44db Condenser Mic
Audio Compression ADPCM(G.711) TV out AV cable real time view
Recording Resolution HD720P / VGA Date back up JDF, AVI, JPEG, BMP
Recording Speed Max. 30fps G-Sensor X, Y, Z Sensing
Event Alarm Buzzer Power Supply DC 12V~DC 24V
LED Red LED Event Alarm Power Consumption Max. 2W
  Blue LED             GPS Operating Temperature -5° ~ 50°
Recording Media SDHC card [4GB~32GB] Dimension [W x D x H] 40mm X 100mm X 42mm

Demo Video


As seen in Viewer Software.


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