A critical part of running a taxicab service is ensuring safety for both patrons and drivers. As such, fleet managers should do what they can to provide security to their customers and employees. This can be done through the installation of taxicab security cameras. A few companies on opposite ends of the United States recently learned this the hard way.

According to South Coast Today, police officers were able to arrest a man suspected of robbing a cab driver this past Friday night, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The individual, Torey Sumler, was spotted the next night night riding in a taxicab by local authorities. The officers apprehended the man, and called in the cab driver that had been robbed on Friday night, who was able to positively identify the suspect.

Officers found a knife in Sumler's possession when they arrested him. The driver alleges that Sumler had pressed the knife against his neck and when he robbed him.

Across the country, in San Diego, California police are asking for the public's help to identify a man that allegedly robbed a taxicab driver November 19, according to NBC San Diego. The driver was held at gunpoint and demanded to give over his belongings, including any cash in the vehicle, his wallet and cell phone.

In cases such as these, investigators may have been able to apprehend suspects much quicker if the vehicles had in-cab security cameras installed in them. By investing in this technology, fleet managers can help deter crimes and protect their drivers.