As more consumers put a priority on eco-friendly transportation, public bus and train systems and bicycling have become an increasingly important part of major metropolises. But, being able to operate in the same city with one another is proving to be a challenge. A recent accident in Boston between involving a bus and cyclist provide an example of this conflict.

According to The Boston Globe, a bicyclist was fatally struck by what witnesses say it was a public transportation bus at a busy intersection. The accident occurred at 6:30 p.m this past Monday. While there is no confirmation on whether it was a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) vehicle that struck the cyclist, or which party may have been at fault for the incident, the MBTA has taken a driver out of service in response to investigations.

Sources have also reported that the accident comes just hours after police officers were informing individuals in the area about the cautions they should be taking while riding bicycles in the city.

"Coincidentally, officers were out there [Monday] before the accident," Cheryl Fiandaca, spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department, told the Boston Herald. "Today, they are back in the area reminding cyclists about the rules of the road and providing safety tips."

In addition, a spokesman for the MBTA told the source that the vehicle was not equipped with a bus security camera.

Although the accident happened a few days ago, there are still a number of details that are unaccounted for. Investigators can only put the pieces together using eyewitness accounts. This can severely compromise the accuracy of an investigation and can easily be resolved by the installation of bus security cameras.

Fleet managers who operate transportation systems in heavily populated areas may want to invest in this technology to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of investigations into such cases is satisfactory.