Get the Janus Cam™ System in Your Fleet Today!

As a fleet and business owner, you’re aware of the financial constraints that come with protecting your company assets. Every day your fleet is without cameras, your company is vulnerable to the dangers of the relentless roads. Too often, companies are forced to pay large settlements due to their inability to prove their innocence in an accident or incident. Because of the financial burdens fleets have to endure, Janus Cam offers an economical solution to not only protect themselves, but also to allow companies to invest in their own growth.

Janus Cam has partnered with Integrated Leasing to offer customers the opportunity to protect their fleet without having to wait. Integrated Leasing offers a simple and convenient way to get cameras into your fleet as soon as possible.  Janus Cam also offers a 15% discount to companies who decide to finance their cameras with Integrated Vehicle Leasing.

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