Q. How has the Janus camera helped other fleets?
A. Every fleet that has implemented our Janus V2HD camera system has become dependent on our camera. The reason for this dependency is because our camera has assisted in exonerating their drivers and vehicles from questionable claims that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to prove that it was NOT their fault.

Q. When does the Janus Camera begin recording?
A. Our camera systems offer constant recording. Other antiquated cameras that rely on a triggering system have been known to fail and only records when the trigger has been activated. If the triggering mechanism becomes defective, the camera will not record, thus, leaving you with no record of any accidents or incidents that may be crucial evidence.

Q. What is the video data being recorded on to? (Storage Method)
A. All data are recorded and stored onto a Commercial Grade Class 10 SDHC card. This provides stability and liability for your data.

Q. How easy is it to install?
A. It only takes an average time of 20 minutes to install our Janus Camera in any vehicle.

Q. Does it do “live” streaming or “live” GPS tracking?
A. Our Janus V3 camera system supports live streaming and GPS tracking, while our Janus V2HD camera system supports Wifi download and retrievable GPS tracking via our viewer software.

Q. What is the warranty on the Janus Camera Systems?
A. We provide a full one year warranty on our cameras only. Please inquire with a sales representative for the option to purchase extended warranties. Physically damaged cameras are void under warranty.

Q. How much data can be stored on the Janus Camera Systems?
A. Storage is dependent on the size of the commercial grade SD card used and how many FPS (frames per
second) the settings is set on. The camera can hold up to a 128gb SD card.

Q. Do you provide discounts for large fleets?
A. We will provide discounts accordingly. The purchased quantity and time frame will determine the amount of discount Janus Cam will provide. Please inquire with one of our sales representatives.

Q. How many Janus Cams have been deployed?
A. Roughly about 80,000 cameras can be found throughout the world.

Q. Does Janus Cam provide financing?
A. Yes, we work with a third party financing company to offer financing. Please speak with a sales representative for more information.

Q. What are some of the major cities that have Janus Cameras?
A. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Oahu, Regina Canada are a few cities where every taxicab is installed with the Janus Cameras. However, the Janus Cameras can be found in nearly every state in the U.S.

Q. How long has Janus Cam been around?
A. Janus Cam started in 2009.

Q. What happens when my camera stop working and it is out of warranty?
A. You can send your defective unit back and Janus Cam will diagnose the problem. If the camera will not work for whatever reason, Janus Cam will replace the motherboard for $180.