Today, driving carefully means more than just abiding by traffic laws. The unfortunate reality that “if something can go wrong, it will” should remind us to be protected at all times especially when behind the wheel.

Since 2009, Janus Cam™ has provided hundreds of fleet operations and drivers with what most take for granted, surveillance. Unlike their competitors, Janus Cam™ does not limit their services to one particular market. Their products can be found in all type of fleets ranging from taxicabs and limousines to shuttle buses and para-transit vehicles. Offering competitive prices and knowing exactly what their customers need, companies have been able to use their savings earned because of the Janus Cam™ system towards the growth of their business.

Janus Cam™ continues to constantly work side by side with their team of engineers, city regulators, drivers and fleet operators to fully understand the different industry needs. Janus Cam™ has assisted many municipalities with their drafting of regulations and safety measures regarding dash cams in the public transportation sector. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, have all adopted the Janus Cam™ system as the standard for all dash cams. All Janus Cam™ products are manufactured in South Korea and are in compliance with all industry quality control standards and inspection system.

Their commitment to provide their customers with reliable and affordable products along side their second to none customer service is what separates them from their competitors. Your company’s assets, finances, and reputation are Janus Cam’s™ top priority.

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